For children

For children

You’re going on a vacation to Zeeland! Do you know where it is? If you have a map of The Netherlands you’ll see a couple of islands at the bottom left. That’s it!

Maybe you are looking for a campsite. Or maybe you’re already sure that you’re coming to ours. We’d like to tell you some more about Camping de Toekomst so you can be sure this vacation is going to be awesome!

At the campsite

Every year many children come to enjoy their holidays at our campsite. Maybe it’s a little frightening to get to know new children at first. But that will be over soon. Cars have to drive real slow at the campsite, so many children walk or cycle across the paths by themselves. They go to the playground, or to the animals. Or maybe even to a holiday friend.

The playground at the campsite

The playground had just been renewed. There is a large wooden climbing frame with a slide. And there are swings and a nest swing. There are a seesaw and a playhouse where you can play. Oh, and there is sand, so packing a shovel and a bucket would be smart!

Animals in the petting zoo

All kind of animals live in our petting zoo. Goats, alpacas, chickens, sheep, ponies and even a donkey. Many children at the campsite like to come help feeding the animals. Are you coming? We’d love that! We can always use some extra muscles.
If you’re curious about the animals, take a look at our photos. They’re all there, and their names too. Now you can practice their names before you come over.

Near the campsite

Close to the campsite, you’ll find the beach. That’s fun, because you were already planning on packing your bucket and shovel. If it’s too cold to swim in the sea, you can search for shells or catch crabs (ew!). There are forests too, where you can walk or cycle. Maybe you’ll meet wild horses…

Did we make you curious about the campsite? We look forward to seeing you in Zeeland in a while!

Kind regards, Marloes, Merijn, Maudi and Maxim