Taking your dog to the campsite in Zeeland

A lot of campsites in Zeeland refuse dogs to their terrain. At our campsite dogs are allowed, even in high season. Dogs are more than welcome. By seeing our petting zoo you’ll probably be able to guess that we love animals. We understand that you want to take your dog with you on vacation.

Honden uitlatenDog field

There is a special field for the dogs at the outskirts of the campsite. The field is part of the campsite and is fenced off. The dog field is adjacent to the nature reserve that is located behind our campsite. The field is the size of two football fields, so it’s big enough for your dog to lose some energy.

Taking two or more dogs to the campsite

If you own more than one dog and you want to bring them to our campsite, you’re welcome to. We don’t keep a maximum of the number of dogs you bring, provided that our other guests aren’t inconvenienced.

Dog are welcome, but…

We kindly ask dog owners to take our other guests into consideration. By this, we mean that all dogs should be on a leash at all times and should be let out beyond the site. If an accident does happen, we’d like you to clean it up immediately. In this way, we can keep our dog policy smooth.